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I’m a digital designer based in London.
I ♥ working on projects which aim to bring social impact.


A visual identity for a platform that allows customers to browse, and virtually try unique eyewear.

framey - logo
framey splash screen mobile framey splash screen mobile framey splash screen mobile

The company aspires to offer ethical, high quality, and unique eyewear.

The use of bright, fresh colours expresses variety and originality of the products available through the platform. The full logotype has been designed to be more minimalist, dark and elegant. The contrast between the two goes on to displays the brand diversity and versatility.

Additionally, the design of the letters F and R reminiscences with the shape of a pair of glasses.

Create a visual identity for a digital media business.
work done
• Design
• Mock-ups
tools used
adobe illustrator - logo
14.04.2017 - 18.04.2017